River Diversion Begins at Santo Antonio Hydro Project

Diversion of Brazil’s Madeira River has begun as part of the construction of the Santo Antonio hydropower project, wire services reported.

Brazilian state-run power company Eletrobras Furnas said the operation will mean the start of the gradual filling of the hydro plant’s reservoir, Business News Americas reported.

Furnas said the 3,150-MW hydro project will start commercial operations by December.

Furnas holds a 39 percent stake in the Madeira Energia group that controls Santo Antônio Energia, owner of the hydroelectric power plant.

Madeira Energia also includes Odebrecht with a 1 percent stake, its subsidiary Odebrecht Investimentos em Infra-estrutura (18 percent), Andrade Gutierrez Participacoes (12 percent) and local power company Cemig) (10 percent).

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