Rhode Islanders Commit to Renewables

Members of Rhode Island’s Congressional Delegation, several top state and local officials and the state’s leading environmental and consumer groups have endorsed a coordinated call to action to dramatically increase the use of Renewable Energy to supply Rhode Island’s electricity needs.

Providence, Rhode Island – March 6, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] The supporters say that clean Renewable Energy will protect public health and the local and global environment, and provide a hedge against volatile energy price fluctuations. “Buying green power is one of the simplest and most effective steps each of us can take to protect Rhode Island’s air, water, and health,” said Claudine Schneider, former member of the U.S. Congress. Rhode Island consumers and businesses have a unique opportunity to purchase or install Renewable Energy to power their homes or businesses for up to 100 percent of their use. Government can support Renewable Energy through policies that require increasing the amount of new Renewable Energy developed and connected to the New England electric grid. A combination of state policy and consumer choice for green power is the optimal path towards a sustainable energy future for the Ocean State and reducing dependence on imported fuels. The coalition of organizations and leaders are committed to supporting Renewable Energy by: 1. Purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates. Renewable Energy certificates direct our electricity dollars to support the generation of renewable electricity. Two certificate products are available now that support renewable generation in the New England region. 2. Educating their Members and Constituents about Opportunities to Purchase Renewable Energy Certificates. 3. Signing the Rhode Island Green Power Pledge. Each organization will collect pledge cards from their memberships. 4. Supporting a Renewable Portfolio Requirement that a portion of Rhode Island’s Electricity Come From Renewable Sources. A specific target would enable Rhode Island to meet the New England Governor’s Association goal of reducing the region’s green house gas emissions to 10 percent below 1990 levels by 2020. Educational information about how to purchase Renewable Energy is being distributed through the Rhode Island green power Web site below (Green-e) and toll-free number: and (888) 63-GREEN. Since 1997, Green-e has been a nationally recognized, voluntary certification program to help consumers identify superior Renewable Energy products sold in competitive retail electricity markets, regulated markets, and nationwide through Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Certified products may display the Green-e logo, which helps customers easily identify environmentally preferable, renewable-based energy products.
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