Republican Group Supports Clean Energy Technology

An organization of Republican supporters in the United States says the country should increase its support for renewable energy.

SEATTLE, Washington 2002-02-21 [] “The world market for energy efficiency and clean energy technologies is going to be huge,” said Jim DiPeso of Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP America). “We can fight global warming with American manufacturers exporting solar panels, American farmers growing biofuel crops, and American families saving money with energy-efficient cars and appliances.” The recent climate change proposal from President George W. Bush is “a baby step forward, but adult strides are needed to tackle the risks of global warming,” DiPeso added. “We should grab this opportunity now.” DiPeso suggested speeding commercialization of clean energy technologies with more R&D and incentives as well as tightening vehicle economy standards and adopting a cap-and-trade emissions reduction plan to reward efficiency. “The good news is that the president is finally talking about the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are altering the world’s climate,” he said. “The bad news is that his proposal won’t accomplish much.” DiPeso says he is happy to see Bush acknowledge that global warming and its risks are real and that it is time to take action, but he expressed disappointment that Bush advanced “a skimpy proposal” for tackling the job. “Clean energy is the key,” he says. “We’ll never make much headway if we stay wedded to yesterday’s energy technologies.” According to DiPeso reducing greenhouse gas emissions offers great economic opportunities for the United States in new industries, new jobs and new ways for businesses to improve competitiveness. Cutting greenhouse gas emissions will also strengthen national security by reducing “dangerous dependence” on Middle Eastern oil. “Greater efficiency and clean energy technologies will protect the climate and untangle us from the Middle East’s violent politics, repressive regimes, and ever-present threats of terrorism,” said Peso. “Climate change is a tough challenge, but we’re up to it. We urge President Bush to heed the scientists, retool his energy plan, and offer more forceful leadership on the most critical environmental issue our nation faces.” REP America was formed in 1995 to promote conservation and sound environmental protection within the Republican Party. It is a member of the Alaska Wilderness Coalition, Green Scissors Coalition and Natural Resource Council of America, among other groups.
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