REPORT: Wind Energy Market Great Business Potential

According to a new report published by, Inc., the growing wind energy market provides great opportunities to product manufacturers as well as material suppliers to expand their businesses.

Grandville, Michigan – September 13, 2002 [] The wind is a clean, renewable resource, already making a significant contribution to Europe’s energy needs. On average, the global wind energy market is growing at an annual rate of 24 percent. Number of manufacturers and “players” in the wind energy market is significantly less as compared to marine and other industries and thus provides great opportunities to boat builders and other large part manufactures to look into this market for potential growth, according to the report. The market requires manufacture of large rotor blades, nacelles and other components using wet lay-up, VARTM and prepreg lay- up processes. Commonly used materials are fiberglass, carbon fiber, polyester resins, vinyl ester resins, balsa core, foam core, adhesives. Worldwide wind energy is a US$4 billion industry and has less than 50 turbine manufacturers whereas worldwide boating industry is a US$13 billion dollar industry (excluding engines, accessories and services) and has more than a thousand boat builders. The growth rate in the wind energy market is one of the highest as compared to any other market segments even in this weak economy, according to the report. “Wind Energy Market 2001-2010: Rapidly Growing Market Segment,” published by, Inc. reports that the future of the wind energy market looks great until 2010 and beyond. A growing sensitivity for environment and depleting reserves of fossil fuels are all fueling the growth of wind energy in 21st century. This 222-page market report contains in-depth market and business information detailing amount of materials used, manufacturing technologies trend, major challenges, market shares by turbine manufactures, market trend, growth forecast, latest news, and more.
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