Report: North Carolina Could Go More Green

Raleigh, North Carolina [The News&Observer] North Carolina has significant potential to develop wind and other alternative energy without drastically increasing customer bills, a study prepared for the N.C. Utilities Commission says. The report, presented Wednesday to state lawmakers, concluded that untapped renewable energy could provide enough electricity to offset the need to build 1,800 megawatts of power generation, the equivalent of two power plants the size of Progress Energy’s 900-megawatt Shearon Harris nuclear plant in Wake County. … Requiring utilities to use renewable energy would offset the need to build some power plants, the study concludes … This year, Progress Energy announced a long-term contract to buy electricity from a biomass plant in Florida that will generate 130 megawatts of electricity from burning a crop known as E-Grass. … Solar energy didn’t figure prominently in the study because the technology is expensive and not considered feasible on a commercial scale without substantial subsidies.
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