Report Identifies Possible Geothermal Sites in Utah

Raser Technologies, Inc. announced that an independent geological study has identified three target drilling areas on portions of Raser’s leased properties in Southern Utah suitable for developing geothermal power plants.

The identified sites are believed by the geologists to hold sufficient geothermal resources to support 80 to 165 megawatts (MW) of electric power generating capacity.

“The geothermal resources at these sites appear to have temperatures and other characteristics that fit very nicely into our strategy to build clean, renewable electric power plants using advanced binary cycle technology,” said Brent Cook, Raser’s CEO. “We look forward to developing these sites as part of our goal to initiate the development of approximately 100 megawatts of power generating capacity per year for the first three years and 150 megawatts per year thereafter.”

The advanced binary cycle technology that Raser intends to employ in the development of geothermal power plants uses water-based geothermal resources of generally lower temperature, ranging from approximately 200 to 360 °F. The method efficiently converts more commonly found low temperature water resources into power through the use of working fluids that have a low boiling point.

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