Re-Nuble’s Crowdfunding Campaign – There Are No Insignificant Acts

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest crowdfunding campaign on – an initiative we hope will raise $25,000+ as we unroll our organic recycling services to cities across the country. But first a little background. At Re-Nuble, our mission is to halt the wasteful habits we’ve accumulated over the past century or so:

  • Across the globe, 1/3 of all food never gets eaten.  It literally goes to waste.  Worse still, this organic waste gets sent to landfills where it rots to produce methane and other harmful greenhouse gases.
  • We’ve become overly reliant on fossil fuels to power our economy.  Unfortunately, oil, gas, and coal are resources that are limited in supply and incredibly toxic.  There’s no upside.
  • We are also overly dependent on fossil fuel to grow the food we eat (1/3 of which never actually gets eaten… remember?).  The petro-chemicals we use to cultivate our crops are bad for the soil, harmful to the environment, and terrible for our bodies.

Our goal is to stop this cycle of madness.  It’s not even a cycle to be honest.  It’s a linear model of pure waste.  We extract dirty fossil fuel to grow unhealthy food that we don’t even eat.  And then we discard that food and allow it to rot and release even more harmful toxins into the atmosphere. All this makes insignificant acts like throwing away a half-eaten apple seem pretty significant. What is our solution?

Re-Nuble’s Approach to a Greener, Cleaner, and Healthier Planet

Well, first we started with the premise that NO act is insignificant.  Everything we do has an impact – positive or negative. Next, we decided to create a business model that minimizes these negatives and amplifies the positives. At Re-Nuble, we collect organic waste (leftover food, yard trimmings, etc.) and recycle it into all-natural fertilizers and renewable energy. As a result, we minimize the negatives by:

  • Reducing waste
  • Lowering fossil fuel reliance
  • Decreasing harmful toxins in the atmosphere

And we amplify the positives by:

  • Putting organic waste to better use
  • Boosting sustainable agriculture
  • Increasing green energy resources

This Green Back Approach to sustainability creates a closed-loop in which inputs become outputs, which become inputs once again.  No more linear models of pure waste.

Harnessing Local Resources to Combat Global Problems

Although we actively partner with municipal boards and multinationals, our approach specifically targets the community to ensure that local waste becomes local opportunities.

This means that anyone can get involved with the Re-Nuble mission.  Because we all want healthier food, less waste, and cleaner energy, we all have a part to play in greening the planet. 

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What can I do?  I’m just one person,” we’re here to answer that question for you. 

Because remember…. There are NO insignificant acts.  Everything we do has meaning.  And building a better future requires that we all work together.

That’s why we launched a crowdfunding campaign to help get Re-Nuble off the ground. 

Like our community based business model, crowdfunding leverages individual actions to produce something truly great. Anyone can get involved, through $5, $50, and even $500 donations. Our goal is to raise $25,000 as quickly as possible to ensure the successful launch of Re-Nuble. 

So check out our crowdfunding page on IndieGoGo and help us jumpstart our mission of greening the planet – one community at a time.

Check out our new crowdfunding slideshow:
Re-Nuble Crowdfunding
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Re-Nuble’s mission is to responsibly manage limited, local resources at minimal cost to the environment. By recycling organic waste into all-natural fertilizer and green energy, the company hopes to replace society’s current linear model of waste with a closed, sustainable loop.

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