Renewables Well Represented in MIT Technology Review’s 2010 TR50

MIT’s Technology Review has released the 2010 TR50, the first list of the 50 most innovative companies in the world. Spanning energy, computing, the Web, biomedicine, and materials, each company on the list has been evaluated based on its business model, strategies for deploying and scaling up its technologies, and the likelihood of success.

“In choosing the TR50, we picked companies with this year’s most important inventions and breakthroughs. But we also selected companies that are successfully growing businesses and markets around innovative new products,” said Jason Pontin, editor in chief and publisher of Technology Review. “The TR50 list is our selection of companies that show the most impressive innovation in commercializing new technologies.”

The energy companies in the TR50 reflect both the invention of exciting new technologies and progress in deploying more mature technologies. Among them are A123Systems, Coskata, Amyris, and Joule Biotechnologies, all included because they invented energy technologies that could eventually transform the world.

But the TR50 also includes Suntech, which is now the world’s largest supplier of cyrstalline silicon solar panels as well as eSolar, which uses state of the art software to make its solar power tower installations more efficient and Nissan, which is introducing an all-electric car. These companies made the list because of their remarkable success in making green technologies attractive in the marketplace, Technology Review said.


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