Renewable Site Featured on New Cable TV Station

The first environmental television channel has been launched in Canada.

OTTAWA, Ontario, CA, 2001-11-01 [] Programs on ‘the green channel’ are designed to explore information on the environment, including biographies of people involved in the environment and alternative energy, as well as environmental news, children’s shows and documentaries. One of the first green groups profiled on the television channel was the ‘canadian association for renewable energies’ and its ‘’ internet hosting service that is powered by renewable energy. One regular series, ‘The Simple Way,’ depicts the notion of voluntary simplicity and is hosted by children’s entertainer Fred Penner. ‘The Resourceful Renovator’ features visits with home designers and renovators who reduce household energy costs, reuse materials in innovative ways, and recycle items. ‘Welcome to the Global Village’ is an interview show with people involved in sustainable development and alternative energy sources. The channel’s primary partnership is with WETV, a television service that produces and distributes programs about the environment, sustainable development and cultural diversity. Through WETV, the green channel has partnerships with 40 affiliate broadcasters around the world. “the green channel is a unique opportunity for public and private sector organizations to come together to promote awareness about the environment and to stimulate change,” says the site. It will work with non-governmental organizations to promote their activities and to purchase airtime for distribution of their own programs. Environmental groups are being asked to partner with the channel to provide quality programming. the green channel includes 12 minutes per hour for advertising. “Our research has shown that Canadians from a wide range of ages, backgrounds and walks of life, are concerned about the environment,” says the site. “They are concerned enough to purchase environmentally friendly products, to pay more for those products, and to make lifestyle changes to preserve the environment. These audiences welcome the alternative programming available through the green channel.” The channel is available on cable stations and from satellite operators at a cost of C$2 to $3 per month, or as part of a theme package at $8 per month.
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