Renewable Hydrogen Fuel Company Claims Take-off Imminent

Stuart Energy Systems says its poised to tap into the enormous market opportunities for hydrogen production and supply systems that are cost effective and environmentally safe.

TORONTO, Ontario, CA, 2001-10-23 [ ] In the past year, the Canadian company has delivered its renewable hydrogen fuel systems in three configurations (for buses, community and personal models) to a range of users. One unit to the University of Quebec will be integrated with a wind turbine, to demonstrate the feasibility of producing and storing hydrogen fuel from intermittent sources such as wind and solar power to improve their commercial viability. There will be a market to provide hydrogen fuel as a portable product with small ready-to-use hydrogen canisters providing consumers with a reliable hydrogen to go, according to president and CEO Jon Slangerup. The company is pressing ahead with other applications, including its successful completion of a two-year project fueling Ballard/XCELLSIS fuel cell buses in Vancouver and the completion of the first year of a bus fueling project at SunLine Transit in California, the first public hydrogen fueling station in the United States. Stuart Energy has unveiled its 200 series Personal Fuel Appliance for fueling vehicles and has delivered a unit to Ford Motor for evaluation. It has formed a partnership with BC Hydro to demonstrate a hydrogen fueling infrastructure based on water electrolysis and has delivered a Community Fueler to BC Hydro as part of the program.
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