Renewable Ethanol Industry Sets Production Records

A US$30 million ethanol plant will start producing 25 million gallons of ethanol next month, the fifth such plant in Kansas.

RUSSELL, Kansas, US, 2002-01-31 [] U.S. Energy Partners LLC will produce fuel grade ethanol from nine million bushels of feedstock a year, and will use process steam from the city of Russell’s new 15 MW co-generation power plant to dry distillers grain by-product, resulting from the process of making ethanol. The company has an agreement with Williams Bio-Energy of Illinois to market all the ethanol to be produced by the new plant. It is Williams’ seventh marketing agreement with ethanol producers and it supplies 345 million gallons of ethanol through its production, business relationships and marketing agreements. “Our industry is expanding to public demand for a clean, domestic, renewable fuel,” says Bob Dinneen, president of the Renewable Fuels Association, and continues to set new production records. The five plants in Kansas produce 37 million gallons of ethanol each year and, when four new plants come on line by 2003, the state will have annual capacity to produce 150 million gallons.
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