Renewable Energy to Power Ontario’s Electricity Needs

Bullfrog Power is bringing more renewable power onto the Ontario electricity grid to meet the demand for clean, reliable electricity for utility customers. The company buys power exclusively from wind and low-impact hydro generators with the EcoLogo standard for renewable electricity, and retails this power to consumers.

Sky Generation, an EcoLogo-certified wind power generator will add two more turbines to its wind farm operation in Ferndale, Ontario, as soon as possible in an agreement with Bullfrog Power, which is investing in Sky Generation to help finance the new turbines. “Our contract with Bullfrog Power allows us to increase our capacity and bring more green power onto the Ontario grid,” said Glen Estill, Founder of Sky Generation, and a pioneer in Canada’s wind energy market. “This partnership is good news to everyone who cares about the impact power generation has on our environment, and who wants to see more of our energy needs supplied by renewables, like pollution-free wind power, rather than fossil fuels.” Bullfrog Power also signed an agreement with Brascan Power to source 100 percent EcoLogo-certified power from several of its environmentally low-impact hydropower sites across the province. As a renewable power generator, Brascan Power manages its natural resources responsibly to ensure sustainable development through an approach that protects and enhances the ecosystems and communities where it operates. “Brascan Power is committed to working collaboratively with industry participants and governments to build an investment and regulatory climate that supports the development of sustainable renewable energy projects,” said Harry Goldgut, Brascan Power chairman and CEO. Bullfrog Power is a 100% green electricity retailer in Ontario that sources electricity exclusively from wind and low-impact waterpower producers who meet or exceed the federal government’s EcoLogo standard for renewable energy. Bullfrog-powered customers’ electricity dollars support clean, renewable electricity from producers who are displacing polluting and CO2-emitting electricity on the Ontario grid. Bullfrog Power has pledged 10 percent of company profits to organizations that promote sustainability.
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