Renewable Energy Price Stability Report Released

The U.S. National Renewable Laboratory (NREL) and Applied Materials, have published the report “Renewable Energy Price-Stability Benefits in Utility Green Power Programs.”

According to report, the stable-price characteristic of renewable energy generation offers an important and appealing benefit for many consumers, particularly as a hedge against increasing fossil fuel prices.

The report suggests that in order to provide price stability to green power customers three steps will need to be taken. The first step would be establishing a separate green power rate to substitute for a utility’s energy or fuel rate. The second step would be exempting green power customers from fossil fuel-cost adjustments. The final step would be revisiting green power price premiums frequently, particularly when base rates are adjusted.

The topic will be explored in more detail when the full report is presented at the National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference later this month.

To download a copy of the report, click here.


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