Renewable Energy Part of Governor’s Agenda in Oregon

Governor Ted Kulongoski outlined an ambitious agenda in his fourth State of the State address in Portland last week, noting the creation of nearly 100,000 new Oregon jobs since he took office, and calling for accelerating the development of renewable energy resources, among other priorities.

To make Oregon a leader in using clean energy, the Governor wants to ensure that by 2025, renewable resources meet 25 percent of Oregon’s energy needs. His program to achieve this goal is already under way in drafting the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard and legislation to promote biofuel production in Oregon. Governor Kulongoski has directed the Department of Energy’s Renewable Energy Work Group to develop a “renewable portfolio standard,” which he will propose to the Legislature in 2007. Enacting the standard, which contains clear goals for using renewable energy, will send a strong signal to energy developers and spur them to invest in projects that bring renewable energy to market over the next two decades. It will also stimulate addition of 1,600 average megawatts of renewable energy to the utility grid. Governor Kulongoski has begun developing legislation that will capitalize on Oregon’s emerging bioenergy markets, particularly in biodiesel and ethanol. The plan includes developing biomass energy projects within the state. Specifically, the legislative package will focus on policies and incentives to create markets for agricultural production and feedstock as energy resources.
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