Renewable Energy Park Uses Three Renewable Energies

A subsidiary of PPL Energy Services marked the completion and commercial operation of a renewable energy park comprising three green energy projects in Camden County, New Jersey.

Two projects — a 2800-kilowatt (kW) landfill gas-to-energy power plant at the Pennsauken (NJ) Sanitary Landfill and a 500-kW photovoltaic (solar) power plant at Aluminum Shapes in Pennsauken — produce power for Aluminum Shapes, which uses the output to run part of its production facility. The third project is a 500-kW solar power plant at the landfill that provides power to operate the landfill gas-to-energy operation. The three power plants were built by PPL Energy Services, which owns, operates and maintains them. Pennsauken Landfill provides PPL Energy Services 525 million cubic feet per year of methane gas to power three generators. This directly reduces the emission of methane gas by 5,500 tons per year, which is equivalent to reducing 100,000 metric tons per year of carbon dioxide. The New Jersey Clean Energy Program, under the direction of the Board of Public Utilities, provided partial funding for these projects as part of its incentive program to encourage the use of clean, efficient energy technology. “This partnership is an example of PPL’s belief in reaching out beyond its traditional business to cultivate the next generation of power supply,” said Paul Champagne, PPL Energy Services president. Steven S. Grabell, chief executive officer of Aluminum Shapes, said, “This is a rare opportunity for government and industry to partner together for the direct benefit of the citizenry and environment of our state. In addition to the obvious environmental benefits of reducing methane gas emissions, converting otherwise unused methane and sunlight into electricity has enabled our company to get about 40 percent of its electric at a cost far below current market rates.”
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