Renewable Energy in Mass. Public Buildings

The Renewable Energy Trust, a division of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, has extended the deadline for renewable energy installations in public facilities eligible for funding.

All Massachusetts-based public facilities with large-scale renewable energy feasibility studies or design and installation projects can still procure funding, due to a postponement of the proposal deadline to December 2005 (solicitation releases due in October). Eligible renewable energy technologies include wind, photovoltaics, hydroelectric, fuel cells, landfill gas, and certain types of biomass sources. Proposed projects can be for either new construction or retrofits to existing buildings. This round of funding is expected to provide up to $40,000 (with a 20 percent match requirement) for feasibility studies and up to $575,000 (with a 25 percent match requirement for both the design and construction phases) for design and construction projects. Although the program will now be called the Large Onsite Renewables Initiative, this is not predicted to affect funding amounts. Projects must be located in Massachusetts, have production capacity for at least 10 kW of electricity (25 kW for wind projects), and meet other requirements.
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