Renewable Energy in High Demand in So. CA

[] Another solicitation for 10-, 15-, or 20-year renewable power contracts is sought by Southern California Edison, provider of renewable energy power delivered to 13 million Californians in 2004. This marks SCE’s ninth request in the past three years — and the third exclusively from renewable energy providers — for offers from independent power producers. These open, competitive solicitations have resulted in new renewable contracts for an estimated 1,380 MW of energy expected to be online during the next few years. SCE can deliver 2,588 MW of electricity, including 1,021 MW from wind, 892 MW from geothermal, 354 MW from solar, 226 MW from biomass, 95 MW from small hydro. In 2004, SCE procured more than 13,000 GWh of renewable energy, enough to power almost two million homes for an entire year. SCE is soliciting from all interested renewable energy projects. Proposals are due to SCE by October 18, 2005.
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