Renewable Energy House Showcases Solution to European Energy Supply

Brussels, Belgium [] Today marks the inauguration of the Renewable Energy House, which honors goals for energy independence by showcasing renewable energy technologies. Located near the European institutions in Brussels, it is considered to be Europe’s headquarters for renewable energy, as most of the European renewable energy industry, trade and research associations are now housed under one roof in the 2,000 square meter model. Literally all (100%) of the heating and cooling demand of the Renewable Energy House represents renewable energy sources: a fully automatic 80 kW wood pellet boiler, four 115-meter deep geothermal boreholes in the courtyard operating a heat pump as well 60 square meters of solar thermal collectors providing heat for the thermally driven cooling system, which serves to cool the offices own in summer. To produce electricity and to feature how well PV panels can be integrated into an historic structure, a series of the latest PV technologies are displayed. Estimates conclude that the implemented energy efficiency measures will reduce the annual energy consumption for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning by 50% when compared to a reference building.


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