Renewable Energy Headquarters Belong in Pennsylvania

Energy technology companies looking for a state to locate their headquarters should keep Pennsylvania in mind. Environmental Protection Secretary Kathleen A. McGinty said that the State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is working to build on the state’s leadership in the development and deployment of new technologies by inviting letters of interest from advanced energy companies seeking assistance with project financing or business siting.

Pennsylvania is home to one of the nation’s most progressive energy portfolio standards, and boasts close to $1 billion in tax-exempt bonding authority, McGinty stated in a press release. The Rendell Administration is promoting the development of a new manufacturing sector that focuses on advanced and renewable energy systems, energy efficiency and conservation, and clean advanced energy businesses, and encouraging companies that are located elsewhere to consider establishing manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution centers in Pennsylvania. “Pennsylvania is open for business in advanced-energy development,” she said to the Manufacturers Association in Berks County. She was presenting an overview of state environmental regulations, and highlighted many of the energy initiatives that Governor Edward G. Rendell has put in place over the last two years. Proposals for manufacturing relocations or expansions, or proposals related to specific energy project development opportunities, are of particular interest to the state, which is also interested in establishing long-term manufacturing operations within the Commonwealth and providing low-cost, reliable energy to manufacturers and industrial customers from energy resources indigenous to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has an Advanced Energy Portfolio Standard that requires 18 percent of the electricity sold at retail in Pennsylvania to come from advanced sources, including 8 percent from renewables, with a substantial solar requirement. Business resources in the state include: $1 billion in tax-exempt bond financing for energy development in Pennsylvania; up to $100 million to support energy efficiency and renewable-energy projects that benefit the agricultural sector; $20 million in grants for alternative fuels projects; $5 million in grants annually for small-scale renewable, energy efficiency, and advanced energy projects; and $10 million in grants, loans and loan guarantees for advanced energy projects. Potential businesses should respond with a letter of interest by April 1. DEP will work with the Governor’s Action Team, Department of Community and Economic Development and Department of Agriculture to identify project funding from various Commonwealth sources or identify project partners for promising proposals. Questions related to this letter of interest solicitation should be referred to Eric Thumma ( or Jeanne Dworetzky ( at 717-783-0540.For more information on what should be included in a business proposal visit the link below and search for OETD.
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