Renewable Energy Focus of U.S. Presidential Directive

President George W. Bush’s recent Executive Order, issued on January 24, institutes new guidance for energy efficiency, use of renewable energy and reduction of environmental impact throughout the federal government.

The President’s executive order calls upon all federal agencies to “improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions of the agency, through reduction of energy intensity by 3% annually through the end of fiscal year 2015, or 30% by the end of fiscal year 2015, relative to the baseline of the agency’s energy use in fiscal year 2003” and “ensure that at least half of the statutorily required renewable energy consumed by the agency in a fiscal year comes from new renewable sources, and to the extent feasible, the agency implements renewable energy generation projects on agency property for agency use.” The order also calls for agencies to reduce fleet fuel consumption by 2% annually through fiscal year 2015, increase use of non-petroleum fuels by 10% annually and use plug-in hybrid vehicles when they are commercially available and reasonably priced, as well as consider the highest energy efficiency and environmental standards when purchasing new electronics.
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