Renewable Energy Empowers The Netherlands’ Biofuels Market

Utrecht, The Netherlands [] A recent takeover of a methanol plant by a consortium will enable the plant to be modified to produce biomethanol, bringing a valuable renewable energy industry into Delfzijl (The Netherlands). The new owner of the methanol plant, BioMethanol Chemie Holding (BV), is a consortium of Econcern, NOM, OakInvest, and two individual investors. BioMethanol Chemie Holding should help meet the European Directive requiring that biofuel accounts for 5.75% of total transport fuel by 2010 — a share that currently lies at less than 2%. Ed van de Beek, executive vice president of NOM, states, “I’m very happy with the re-opening of the plant. It’s not just that an important chemical industry will be kept in the Netherlands — the production of biomethanol also represents a major contribution to build up a renewable industry in northern Netherlands, known as the ‘Energy Valley´ concept.”
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