Renewable Energy Delivered to PG&E Customers

Biomethane from dairies is helping PG&E realize its renewable energy goals. The company signed an agreement with Microgy, Inc., a subsidiary of Environmental Power Corporation, to purchase up to 8,000 mcf of pipeline-quality renewable natural gas (biomethane) daily, generated by Microgy facilities in California.

“The state of California is both the largest dairy producer and the largest energy consumer in the United States,” said Rich Kessel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Environmental Power. “This agreement is an important step towards developing an important renewable energy source from California’s vital agricultural sector.” Microgy plans to construct four production facilities on the site of large dairy farms in California and interconnect those systems to PG&E’s extensive gas pipeline network. PG&E is also exploring other projects that will demonstrate the viability of converting biomethane to pipeline quality gas for use in power plants. “Biomethane takes the problem of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and turns it into a key part of the solution to California’s reliance on fossil fuels,” said Allen Dusault, Biofuels Project Director for Sustainable Conservation, an environmental nonprofit organization. “The state has no shortage of dairy manure, and it can now be cost-effectively converted into ‘cow power.’ That makes good environmental and economic sense.”
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