Renewable Energy Coverage in New Hampshire

It’s really amazing to see how much focus media outlets are putting on energy issues. Here in New Hampshire, our local NPR station has devoted an entire week to looking at renewable energy in the granite state and the New England region generally.

Chris Stimpson, executive campaigner of Solar Nation (who works in this office, but will soon be down in D.C.) was on Monday’s program looking at solar energy.

While the conversations can seem a bit elementary at times (assuming you work in this industry), I highly recommend you take a listen to the series, especially if you live in the New England Area. It’s fantastic to see so much attention on our industry.

Some media outlets cover renewables with a lot of hype or excessive negativity. I think this series does a very respectable job of looking at realistic scenarios for each technology in our state.

Kudos to the staff at NHPR for putting on such a great series. Hopefully we’ll see more of this coverage in the future. We need it.

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