Renewable Energy Becoming a “Key” Competitive Advantage, says report

The use of renewable energy in new power plants is becoming a competitive benefit, according to a new U.S. report.

ATLANTA, Georgia, US, 2001-10-26 [] “A growing list of energy wholesalers and generating companies are building new power plants not just to meet increasing supply needs, but as a way to gain a key competitive edge in the restructuring energy market,” says the Energy Competition Strategy Report. It examines Reliant Energy, FPL Energy, Aquila and Mirant as “just a few of the major players putting up the huge ante required to bring new plants online.” In addition to obvious supply issues, executives from those companies say one of the competitive benefits is “improving fuel mix by investing in advanced generating technologies that use renewable energy sources.” Other benefits are expanding geographically, promoting more long-term power sales agreements and a more predictable income stream, as well as enhanced credibility, which leads to easier project financing in the future. The report examines the competitive issues surrounding plant construction, and provides guidance on completing massive power plants. Energy Competition Strategy Report is published by NHI Publications of Atlanta.
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