REG Announces Commercialization of Technology for Algae-based Fuel

Renewable Energy Group announced that it has scalable commercialization technology capable of refining and producing large volumes of high quality algae biodiesel.

REG said that it has implemented technology to refine the oil from a variety of algae strains and produce algae biodiesel exceeding ASTM standards. The company also said that i has pre-treated and produced high quality algae biodiesel at the pilot scale level with results that will lead to commercial production. With available feedstocks and additional algae oil production partners, REG says that is can augment current pre-treatment and production of algae biodiesel in continually increasing volumes as part of their current continuous-flow, commercial-scale process technology.  
With these scalability options, REG is planning to initiate additional partnerships for commercial-scale production of algae biodiesel at volumes comparable to those from other vegetable and animal feedstocks now in use, said COO Daniel Oh, who oversees technology and research and development programs for the company.  
“Commercial demonstration of algae biodiesel at this level is a major step forward for the industry,” Oh said. “By defining the processing parameters for larger volumes of algae oil, we can process the algae oil using REG’s commercial scale production technology like any other feedstock out there today.”
As part of the commercialization process, crude algae oil is cleaned and refined using REG’s pretreatment technology. It is then converted to biodiesel using a system similar to that in current commercial-scale biodiesel production process. Despite algae oil’s distinct processing challenges, REG has produced algae biodiesel which exceeds ASTM D6751 and EN 14214 quality specifications.
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