REG Acquires Tellurian Biodiesel & American BDF

Renewable Energy Group (REG) announced two acquisitions and assumption of a used cooking oil supply agreement that helps the quick-service restaurant industry and the entire nation move closer to achieving clean energy goals.

REG, is acquiring Tellurian Biodiesel Inc. and American BDF LLC (ABDF). ABDF— a joint-venture owned by Golden State Service Industries, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Golden State Foods, Restaurant Technologies Inc. (RTI) and Tellurian Biodiesel—previously focused on building a national array of small biodiesel plants that would convert used cooking oil into high quality, sustainable biodiesel.

“Turning used cooking oil into biodiesel at REG’s network of manufacturing facilities is another good outlet for our customers’ waste products to power a simple, green, and safe solution for fueling our nation’s progress toward clean energy goals,” explained RTI Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Kiesel.

Used cooking oil will augment REG’s current national, multi-feedstock procurement program that supplies the company’s commercial-scale biodiesel facilities. The REG network has a combined annual production capacity of more than 200 million gallons. Finished biodiesel will be marketed and distributed under Renewable Energy Group’s REG-9000 branded biodiesel platform to petroleum distributors and refiners nationwide.

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