REC Auction to Expand Renewable Energy Projects

[] Evolution Markets completed an auction of renewable energy certificates (RECs) for the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC). While sales of RECs often attract less attention than the renewable energy projects that supply them, these sales frequently make the difference between a stalled project and a completed one. MTC, a public economic development agency that manages the state’s Renewable Energy Trust, produced $256,151.33 from the sale of the Massachusetts “New” Renewable Certificates. The MTC auction, which was administered by brokers Evolution Markets, sold 5,011 Massachusetts “New” Renewable Certificates generated in the second and third quarters of 2004. The certificates are from the Ameresco Chicopee landfill gas-to-energy facility, which have been approved by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources as an eligible source under the Massachusetts Renewable Portfolio Standard. Martha Broad, Manager of Renewable Energy Markets said the funds will go to support additional development or expansion of renewable energy facilities in the state. Complete auction results are available at the link below.
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