Reasons to Switch to a Geothermal Power

“Environmentally friendly” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot these days.  In terms of electricity, people everywhere are looking for the best eco-friendly alternatives to power their homes. Energy costs are rising rapidly and the need for renewable power is at an all-time high.

Geothermal systems are a popular route people are using as an alternative energy source. Geothermal systems transfer heat from the earth while only using electricity when absolutely necessary. These systems do wonders to lower energy dependency and can reduce usage of up to 75%! Here are some of the best reasons to switch to geothermal power:  

It Saves Money

When considering switching to geothermal, saving money is the name of the game. Even though conventional energy costs might fluctuate, in the long run, prices have steadily increased and will most likely continue to do so. Geothermal systems are energy misers designed to meet the exact space conditioning of a home and only need to use a small amount of power. With geothermal energy, homeowners are able to see a positive return on their investment as the cost of the system basically pays off itself in savings. Do the math! Nothing will save money like geothermal.

Long Life Span

Out of all the different types of electric generators, geothermal systems are one of the most durable and long lasting. Due to the fact they are not exposed to elements of the outside environment, most heat pumps are rated to last more than 25 years while the mechanism that exchanges ground energy is made to last over 100! Using geothermal power, homeowners can enjoy a lifetime of clean, affordable energy.


Being that geothermal power is renewable energy from the earth, users are able to predict the power output with outstanding accuracy. This is a huge advantage geothermal energy has over the wind and solar as the weather plays a crucial role in their output.

It Helps the Environment

“Going green” is a trend that has picked up a lot of steam in the past few decades. Geothermal has been recognized as the most environmentally safe energy available. One of the biggest eco-friendly advantages geothermal energy boasts is that it does not require the burning of fossil fuels which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emission. Geothermal systems run on power that is proven clean and renewable.

It’s Very Safe and Comfortable

As there is no burning of fossil fuels with a geothermal system, there is no danger of a gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning. Having peace of mind is priceless.

Geothermal systems are designed to heat and cool homes evenly. This eliminates the hot and cold blasts of air found in conventionally powered homes. Geothermal systems are also able to dehumidify air in the summer months while doing the opposite in the winter making the in-home temperature perfect at all times of the year.

Net Zero

As discussed earlier, switching to geothermal energy is an investment. Going geothermal is an extremely effective way to achieve a net zero home. A net zero home is still connected to the power grid that serves the community. However, a geothermal powered home only borrows electricity when it needs to and can sell it back to the grid when it produces more energy than it uses. This makes their net energy bill zero. A geothermal powered home is instrumental in getting the most out of every unit of energy bought or generated.  

Bonus! Free Hot Water!

As icing on the cake, geothermal systems can produce some, if not all of a home’s hot water! With a simple connection, the geothermal pump can transfer the heat removed from the home and deliver it to the hot water heater making it virtually free to operate. Now you can stay in the shower until your heart’s content!  

It Has a Lot of Potential

On a commercial level, geothermal is not yet competitive with the wind and solar energy. However, there is a lot of room for growth. The investment costs of geothermal energy are high. But as discussed earlier, with a low cost of operation, there will be a large return. The current installed capacity of geothermal power in the United States is around 3,190 megawatts. According to a study done by MIT, there is potential to install more than 100,000 megawatts in the next 50 years! Even though significant investments will need to be made, switching to geothermal power is a renewable and easily predictable path to take.

Geothermal energy is a very green, economically smart choice. In addition to saving a lot of money, you can help reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The United States Environmental Protection Agency recognizes geothermal energy as the most environmentally safe source of power. Putting a system in your home is equivalent to taking 2 cars off the road or planning over 700 trees!

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