Reader Response: 2005 State of the Union Speech

In last night’s State of the Union speech, President Bush said that to keep the U.S. economy growing strong we need reliable supplies of affordable, environmentally responsible energy.

“Nearly four years ago, I submitted a comprehensive energy strategy that encourages conservation, alternative sources, a modernized electricity grid, and more production here at home — including safe, clean nuclear energy,” Bush said. The Bush Administration considers nuclear energy an affordable, environmentally responsible form of energy, and it was highlighted over every other option. Clearly, the White House plans to continue to promote nuclear energy. Renewable energy technologies, however, like solar, wind, geothermal and biomass played almost no part in his speech, save for ethanol. “…my budget provides strong funding for leading-edge technology — from hydrogen-fueled cars, to clean coal, to renewable sources such as ethanol.” He also added that his administration’s “Clear Skies” legislation, “…will cut power plant pollution and improve the health of our citizens.” What do you think? Should these so-called clean technologies like nuclear and coal play an increasing part in securing our domestic energy needs? And will all power plants improve the health of our citizens under the Bush Administration’s Clear Skies legislation. Is this the right vision to “make America more secure and less dependent on foreign energy?” As we approach what is sure to be a vociferous push from the Bush Administration to pass their comprehensive energy package — which lacks prominent support for renewable energy — we are asking our readers for their reaction to the President’s comments and the administration’s overall energy vision. If you have an opinion on the topic, please use the comment forum below to share your thoughts, and please keep it short and to the point. — Editors,
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