RE In Pennsylvania’s Plans

Pennsylvania Gov. Mark Schweiker has accepted recommendations, which include the use of Renewable Energy, made by the Governor’s Energy Task Force to help ensure adequate energy supplies and to encourage energy efficiency in Pennsylvania. The Governor also released the final Pennsylvania Energy Policy to the public.

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania 2002-03-19 [] “The Pennsylvania Energy Policy is a comprehensive plan to ensure our energy supply furthers our commitment to a clean, safe environment, a healthy economy and an incomparable quality of life,” Schweiker said. “These recommendations build on Pennsylvania’s national leadership when it comes to developing economically sound, competitive markets for meeting domestic energy needs.” Among the recommendations are: -Building on the success of Pennsylvania Electric Choice by continuing to foster competitive markets to meet the Commonwealth’s energy demands with long-term supplies at competitive prices -Developing and maintaining critical energy generation and delivery infrastructure where needed to help meet regional needs; -Continuing state government’s commitment to purchasing renewable and cleaner forms of electricity. Schweiker in December announced that the Commonwealth awarded a contract to purchase renewable energy to supply 5 percent of state government’s power needs for the next two years. -Developing and promoting new energy technologies to lessen the environmental impact, and to improve efficiency and safety. -Encouraging existing “opportunity fuels” for electricity generation and fuel production, such as waste-coal piles, agricultural byproducts and methane from agricultural activities, landfills and wastewater treatment. -Supporting national efforts to ensure an adequate, reliable and diverse supply of energy. -Encourage the development and use of energy-efficient equipment and Demand Side Response technologies in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, who formed the Governor’s Energy Task Force in September 2001, is now serving as the Director of the US Office of Homeland Security.
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