RE Certificates Make Great Gift for Grads

As a final lesson to the Class of 2003, the faculty and staff of the Trinity College raised money to offset 100 percent of the college’s energy consumption on the day of graduation.

Hartford, Connecticut – May 20, 2003 [] The announcement marks the second major effort this spring by students and faculty at Trinity College in Hartford to support the generation of renewable resources. Last month, the Student Government Association and the Connecticut Public Research Interest Group offset 100 percent of the college’s energy consumption during its annual Spring Weekend. In both instances, EAD Environmental, a Renewable Energy certificate and greenhouse gas certificate marketer, delivered 100 percent wind Renewable Energy certificates. Trinity College’s departments of Theater and Dance, Neuroscience, Public Policy, Anthropology, and the Office of Community Service and Civil Engagement raised enough funds to purchase approximately 47,000 kWh of EAD Environmental’s 100 percent Wind RECertificates. EAD Environmental’s 100 percent Wind RECertificates are generated by new wind farms located in the United States. The faculty’s purchase is an investment in the production of both current and future wind energy. Through this gift to the Class of 2003, the faculty at Trinity College has furthered the institution’s growing commitment to Renewable Energy. Because the electricity generated by Renewable Energy technologies is indistinguishable from that generated by conventional fossil fuel technologies, there is a logistical challenge in delivering Renewable Energy directly to those consumers that prefer it. Renewable Energy certificates, each of which represents the environmental attributes associated with one kWh of electricity generated from a Renewable Energy source such as solar, wind, or hydropower, overcome this challenge.


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