Raser to Begin Drilling on Central Utah Geothermal Site

Raser Technologies, Inc. announced yesterday that it plans to begin drilling on a geothermal production well in Central Utah for use in another 10-megawatt (MW) binary-cycle geothermal power plant for generating clean, renewable electric power.

The site, located in Utah’s Escalante Desert, abuts an existing exploration well that was drilled several years ago. This well exhibited temperatures in excess of 300 degrees F. In addition, there are a series of hot springs in the immediate vicinity of the site.

The site is located within a few miles of the transmission grid, allowing for economical interconnection.

Raser is currently in negotiations with a California utility to purchase the power that would be generated at the site.

Brent Cook, Raser’s CEO, said, “We are very excited about the potential power generation at this site. If all goes as we expect, the site will generate up to 10 megawatts of green power. This combined with the 30 megawatt potential that we are developing on our Nevada sites and the recently announced New Mexico site, which we believe holds up to 20 megawatts of capacity, would bring us well along our way to our total goal of 100 megawatts of geothermal energy.”

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