Raser Technologies Governor of Utah to Sign Renewable Energy Bills

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman visited Raser Technologies’ Hatch geothermal power plant near Thermo, Utah, as part of a tour of Utah’s Renewable Energy Zone, and to ceremonially sign two important renewable energy bills into state law, House Bill 430 and Senate Bill 76.

Senate Bill 76 establishes a Renewable Energy Transmission Authority, or Utah Generated Renewable Energy Electricity Network Authority (UGREEN Authority), which will provide financial incentives and state support to upgrade the electrical grid. UGREEN is designed to help renewable energy projects gain appropriate transmission access to the markets where power is needed.

The second bill, House Bill 430, provides major tax incentives to renewable projects, including a refundable certificate up to the amount of the economic benefit realized by the state from new state revenues.

Noting that Utah has natural resources that can be economically developed and managed responsibly to provide much of the West’s renewable energy demands, Governor Huntsman said, “I am pleased to see home-grown businesses, like Raser, take a leadership role in developing our geothermal resources for the benefit of us all.”

The company’s Hatch geothermal power plant was constructed over the course of the last 6 months. This rapid development was made possible by Raser’s modular power plant design.This low-temperature technology can produce power from the nation’s vast reserves of geothermal resources that were previously thought to be not hot enough for commercial power production.

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