Raser & Copper King Mining Sign 75,000 Acre Geothermal Lease Deal

Raser Technologies Inc. and Copper King Mining Corporation announced that they have entered into a geothermal lease agreement covering interests in private, state and federal lands in southwestern Utah. The terms of the lease agreement were not specified.

The lease covers properties in Copper King’s mining holdings, totaling approximately 75,000 acres in various locations throughout Utah. The bulk of the properties are located in Beaver County, Utah, approximately 20 miles north of Raser’s Thermo No. 1 geothermal project, which just recently began exporting power to Anaheim, California, and west of the long-running Blundell geothermal power plant near Milford, Utah.

“Since Copper King is a mining and mineral exploration company, we felt it was wise to let Raser explore our lands for the geothermal resources that we believe may be present. Copper King believes that Raser is a cutting-edge company, and we are excited to work with them,” said Mark Dotson, Copper King’s CEO.

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