Raser Completes Initial Commissioning of Thermo

Raser Technologies Inc. announced that it is nearing completion of the commissioning process of the 50 power generation units at Thermo, its first commercial-scale power plant, in Beaver County, Utah. Most of the individual units have been commissioned and placed in service. The power being generated during the commissioning period is being sold to Rocky Mountain Power in order to avoid the transmission scheduling issues associated with fluctuating power supply.

Final testing of the entire plant and its wells is expected to be completed within the next few weeks at which time the plant’s output is expected to be delivered to Anaheim and local utility sales of testing power will be discontinued.

“We are progressing nicely through the commissioning process and have begun exporting power to the grid,” said Steven Brown, executive vice president of construction for Raser Technologies. “The commissioning is progressing as planned and is nearly complete with just a few remaining units left to finalize. We plan to have the full plant tested within the next few weeks.”

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