Raser Completes Commercial Geothermal Power Project in Utah

Raser Technologies Inc. has completed the first commercial geothermal power plant to be built in Utah in more than 20 years. Raser previously announced the discovery of one of the largest geothermal resources in the nation in the past 25 years at the plant site.

Using Raser’s new modular power plant design, major construction for the Thermo project was completed in six months. Most traditional commercial geothermal plants have a five to seven year time frame required for development.

For one of the first times ever in a commercial scale power plant, Raser is utilizing new low temperature technology developed by UTC Power to generate electrical power at the Utah site with zero emissions. Raser connected fifty of the binary cycle units together on site like a computer network to make a 10-megawatt geothermal power plant.

“We are excited to unveil our first geothermal power plant,” said Brent Cook, Raser’s CEO. “With the major construction of Thermo completed, we will work over the next four to six weeks to complete the commissioning process and have the plant fully operational later this quarter. The completion of this historic renewable energy plant marks an important step in our country’s effort to become energy independent. We invite the many partners that have made this historic geothermal plant possible, our shareholders and the public to come and celebrate this important milestone with us.”

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