Raitt Singing the Renewable Tune

Nine-time Grammy winner and longtime environmental activist Bonnie Raitt has just launched her first traveling environmental midway, Green Highway, sharing the message of clean energy and sustainable living along her summer concert tour with Lyle Lovett.

Austin, Texas – August 12, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] This eco-village and accompanying Web site feature exhibits of products and organizations working in harmony with the environment, bringing us alternatives which are as good for the economy and jobs as they are for the quality of our lives in years to come. Green Mountain Energy Company, the nation’s largest retail provider of cleaner energy, will be supporting the generation of enough wind power for the 38-city tour to make the tour’s electricity usage effectively neutral in its impact on global warming. The company will be supporting the generation of enough new wind power to cover the electricity usage for the tour, estimated to be approximately 500 MWh based on other performances at the venues. Based on this estimate of electricity usage for the tour, it will offset the production of 327 tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which avoids as much C02 as not driving a car 726,600 miles. “It’s no accident that we’re in danger of losing both our ecological and our economic well-being at the same time,” said Raitt, who created the Green Highway concept along with colleagues Kathy Kane and Harvey Wasserman. “I feel too many government and corporate policies are inseparably shortsighted and we’ve created Green Highway to demonstrate that working in harmony with nature can offer real solutions for preserving both our planet and our prosperity.” Two important components of the Green Highway midway are Honda’s Hybrid vehicles – Insight and Civic Hybrid cars, which employ a small gasoline engine coupled with a high output electric motor to reduce emissions and provide excellent fuel efficiency. Honda’s two cars will be at every concert in conjunction with the Green Highway exhibits. In addition, some of the Green Highway tour vehicles will run on B20, a biodiesel fuel that is made from fat or vegetable oil (usually soy) and offers a cleaner-burning alternative to standard diesel. “I think it’s wonderful that Bonnie Raitt is leading by example using a farm-grown fuel that decreases emissions and dependence on foreign oil,” said Bob Metz, president of the National Biodiesel Board and a South Dakota soybean farmer. “Biodiesel is beginning to enjoy commercial success as one of the fastest growing alternative fuels available.” “The presence of these companies and their products means they endorse our basic principle of ecological harmony, and our belief in the timeless Quaker philosophy – that you can do good at the same time you are doing well,” Raitt says of the tour’s sponsors, which in addition to Green Mountain Energy Company, Honda Hybrid Cars and the National Biodiesel Board include Marvin Windows and Doors, ShoreBank Pacific’s Eco-Deposits, BP Solar, American Wind Energy Association, Guayaki Yerba Mate Tea, Aloha Bay ‘Petroleum-free’ Candle Company, and American Solar Energy Society.
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