R-Board Landfill Gas Project Produces Power

The Rappahannock Regional Solid Waste Management Board (R-Board) has officially opened a new renewable energy facility at its landfill. The new facility generates 2.14 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy by using the landfill gas generated by decomposing waste at the landfill.

Until now, the landfill gas, which is about fifty percent methane, had been extracted through wells and pipes buried in the landfill and combusted in a flare. The R-Board signed a 20-year contract with Ameresco, an energy services company with an expertise in developing clean energy projects, to build a landfill gas generation facility.

“The landfill gas-to-energy project successfully utilizes a resource that would have otherwise been wasted, and in the process, produces benefits for the landfill, the environment, and the local community,” said Matt Kelly, R-Board Regional Landfill, Fredericksburg City Council.

Ameresco’s project diverts the gas from the flare to the landfill gas plant, which is equipped with two specialized engines designed to burn landfill gas. Two GE Jenbacher engines at the site produce a combined 2.14-MW of electricity. The power from this project is being purchased by Constellation Energy.

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