Questioning America’s Most Ambitious Renewable Energy Law

This November, Californians will be voting on a ballot initiative that could require the state’s utilities to generate half their power from renewables by 2025. Sounds good, right? Not according to some of nation’s most influential renewable energy companies, associations and advocacy groups. This group of opponents says the legal language of the proposed law is so flawed, it could severely hurt the state’s renewable energy market.

Proponents say the legal language is tight and that opponents are being controlled by the state’s utilities, which don’t want to meet the targets. As the voting day approaches, the debate over the language in the initiative is heating up and both sides are pushing their messages aggressively. We’ll have a feature report on the different interpretations of the proposed law and its potential impact on the industry.

Also, we’ll explore the reasons for China’s emergence as one of the top renewable energy markets for investors. Jonathan Johns, head of renewable energy at the advisory firm Ernst and Young, joins us to discuss the promise of China and the difficulties for renewables in the UK.

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