Q-Cells AG Opens PV Sales Branch in Japan

The opening of Q-Cells AG’s new branch in Tokyo, Japan, will be marked by a ceremony at the German Embassy in Tokyo. Q-Cells is the first large manufacturing company from the German photovoltaics (PV) industry to venture into the ‘land of the rising sun’.

Since Japan continues to be the world market leader in the production of PV systems, it is opportune for Q-Cells AG’s new Tokyo branch to be primarily concerned with purchasing.

“We have long-established, strong relationships with wafer manufacturers and other suppliers in Japan. We intend to develop these through our local presence,” said Anton Milner, Chief Executive Officer of Q-Cells AG.

An additional function of the branch in Japan is to increase sales of solar cells from Thalheim on the Japanese market in the medium to long-term. “We have been acting as supplier to a major Japanese module manufacturer for a long time,” said Milner.

“Thanks to our strong relationships with suppliers and customers, we are closely connected to the Japanese photovoltaic community. This branch is proof of this,” says Bjorn Sandberg, the Branch Manager. “We share a common goal with our colleagues at Japanese companies: we want to make solar energy the main energy source of the future, as quickly as possible.”

The branch in Japan is already the third Q-Cells AG office on the east Asian future markets. The company already has an office in Hangzhou/China, and Q-Cells Asia Limited has its head office in Hong Kong. Employees from the office manage sales activities in the Asian-Ocean region, including South Korea (one of the most important photovoltaic growth markets at this stage) and India, which could prove extremely important in the future market.

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