PV Solar Survives Silicon Shortage, Mobile Renewable Energy In Faraway Places

Travis Bradford of the Cambridge, Mass. based Prometheus Institute informs “Inside Renewable Energy” this week that the much-feared silicon shortage will not have a major impact on the production of PV solar. Silicon-based technology is too entrenched for rapid conversion to other methods, and silicon is in better supply than previously thought, says Bradford. Conventional solar cell operations will continue to do brisk business despite ongoing attempts to market new low-silicon or silicon-free technologies, he says.

In the Tech Spotlight segment of this week’s podcast, David Muchow, CEO of Skybuilt Power, tells us why his Mobile Power Station addresses an overlooked area of energy needs. The MPS is a modular system than accommodates all forms of renewable technology and is designed to the customer’s specifications for use in remote areas. Muchow explains how the U.S. Army and any number of undeveloped countries could benefit from his company’s product. As always, “Inside Renewable Energy” will deliver the latest renewable energy news.

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