PSNH Signs 70-MW Bioenergy PPA

Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) has reached agreement with Laidlaw Berlin BioPower LLC, an affiliate of Laidlaw Energy Group, Inc., to purchase the energy from a proposed wood-fired power generation facility planned for New Hampshire’s North Country. When operational, the 70-megawatt (MW) biomass facility in Berlin will be the largest wood-burning power plant in the state.

When operational, the plant will consume local, clean, wood chips which are byproducts of the local forest products industry and land management practices.

PSNH’s agreement with Laidlaw calls for the utility to purchase the energy, the generating capacity, and the RECs produced by the biomass plant. PSNH expects that the amount of RECs purchased annually from Laidlaw will fulfill much of PSNH’s “Class I” REC requirements through 2015 and a majority of the company’s requirements over the next decade. The agreement between PSNH and Laidlaw runs for 20 years.

“We are committed to growing our portfolio of renewable energy, and the Laidlaw biomass plant will take us a significant step forward toward meeting the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standards mandate,” said Gary Long, PSNH’s president and COO. “Besides the energy, this plant will generate jobs – both direct and indirect – and we expect it to provide a real boost to the North Country’s economy.”

The long-term power purchase agreement must be considered and approved by the N.H. Public Utilities Commission. At this time, the Laidlaw project has an application pending before the NH Site Evaluation Committee (SEC), which is charged with regulating the development of significant new energy facilities.

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