Prospects for Renewable Energy on Wall Street in 2008

Things aren’t looking great for Wall Street coming into the new year. With a poor housing market, ongoing credit crunch, high energy prices, low employment figures and low consumer spending, the chatter about a recession has been getting louder in recent months. However, clean energy stocks have preformed very well over the last year and many analysts believe that 2008 could bring similar returns for investors.

In this week’s show, Independent Wall Street analyst J. Peter Lynch gives us his perspective on how investors should approach solar stocks, the possible impact of high oil prices, and how the U.S. market approaches renewable energy compared with the rest of the world.

Also in the podcast: The World Future Council just released a new website designed to educate policy makers, regulators and advocates about how best to implement Feed-in Tariffs. Peter Roderick, Co-Director of the Climate Justice Program, talks about the website and how it may promote increased adoption of Feed-in Tariffs around the world.

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