Production Begins at Petrotec Biodiesel Plant

Petrotec AG has put its new biodiesel plant in Emden, Germany into full production. The plant in Emden’s seaport has an annual capacity of 100,000 tons (approximately 113 million liters). In addition to production facilities, the plant also contains a refinery, storage tanks, a laboratory and its own loading and unloading unit for inland and ocean-going vessels on the harbor pier.

The new production plant means that Petrotec now has total production capacity of 185,000 tons (approximately 210 million liters) per year split over two plants.  Total investments amounted to around €23 million [US $35.8 million], with 19 new specialist jobs being created in Emden.

“According to the European Commission, our biodiesel cuts CO2 emissions by 77%. In view of the finite supplies of fossil fuels and rapidly increasing fuel prices, sustainably produced biodiesel is a real alternative. It increases the security of supply and reduces CO2 emissions, thus protecting our climate,” said Roger Böing CEO of Petrotec.

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