Processing Waste Rice Hulls into Ethanol

[] Colusa Biomass Energy Corp (CBMG) is gearing up its marketing effort to promote its patented process of converting rice straw (rice hulls) into the biofuel ethanol. The company has retained Massachusetts to help commercialize the company’s technology that’s aimed at creating valuable biofuels out of an agricultural waste product. According to the company’s CEO Thomas F. Bowers, when your average rice farmer grows an acre of rice he gets about 8000 pounds of rice and 5000 pounds of rice straw. Most of the rice straw has no commercial value. CBMG’s technology can make an acre of waste rice straw into 313 gallons of fuel ethanol and 900 pounds of high silica for industry, he says, and generate more than $890 of revenue from an acre of waste rice straw.


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