Process Reduces Palm Biodiesel Prices

Nano Chemical Systems Holdings, Inc. announced that nano-enhanced, environmentally friendly oils and lubricants can be made from a waste byproduct using its patented palm-biodiesel production process, reducing biodiesel production costs by 15%.

The company’s process of incorporating the waste byproduct into high value lubricants brings biodiesel cost below the price of crude oil, with the revenue generated by producing nano-enhanced oils and lubricants. Soy-based biodiesel is the standard for performance at low temperatures with a lower cloud point than palm-based biodiesel. Palm-based biodiesel must be processed to remove these materials and in one process methyl ester form of component materials are removed to be able to bring the cloud point in line with soy-based biodiesel. The company uses its patent-applied process to immerse nano-sized molybdenum metal ball bearings and produce high-value added oils and lubricants using byproducts of palm-biodiesel production. These oils and lubricants are biodegradable and offer non-hazardous waste disposal. Corn, with its ever-increasing prices, is the principle feedstock for ethanol and is expected to continue to replace acreage traditionally intended for the cultivation of soy, thus increasing the demand for an alternative blend of biodiesel derived from palm oil. As a feedstock for biodiesel, palm oil has the advantage of requiring far less land than soy does and has a yield of 6,000 liters per hectare, compared to only 446 liters per hectare for soy.


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