Primafuel Offers New Algae Biorefinery Program

Primafuel announced that it has started offering its new International Algae Biorefinery Program to potential customers. The program includes the sale of a combination of upstream algae production and downstream biorefinery systems.

“Our unique solutions are tailored to maximize algae’s tremendous potential,” said Richard Woods, Primafuel’s CEO. “Our biorefinery platforms extract and purify nutritional products, while producing both chemicals and renewable fuels.”

Primafuel holds an exclusive licensing agreement for some of the technology it is offering with the Ben-Gurion University Microalgae Biotechnology Lab, a group recognized internationally as experts in strain selection, genetic engineering, and aquaculture.

In the last several years, Primafuel’s U.S. and European laboratories have developed multiple technology platforms focused on the separation, purification, and conversion of products from biomass. The first of these technology platforms, SMAART Oil, has been commercialized through a subsidiary, Primafuel Solutions.

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