President’s Budget Slashes Solar Energy Funding

President Bush released his proposed fiscal year 2004 federal budget Monday, which revealed increased spending for hydrogen technology research – a point he emphasized in his State of the Union Speech – while slashing funding for Solar Energy research by US$15 million to US$80 million.

Washington, D.C. – February 4, 2003 [] The Renewable Energy portion of the proposed budget also calls for: US$88 million for Hydrogen technology; US$4 million for Zero Energy Buildings; US$42 million for wind energy; US$7 million for hydropower; US$25 million for geothermal technology; US$70 million for biomass and biorefinery systems R&D. Scott Sklar, president of the Stella Group in Washington, D.C. and long time solar energy activist called the cut “typically shortsighted.” “The administration is saying we’re going to put everything into hydrogen and undercut everything else.,” Sklar said. “Hopefully, Congress is not going to go along with this.” will continue to follow the budgeting process.
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