Poll Shows Canadians Welcome Ethanol in Fuel Supply

Canadians polled believe it is important (90 percent) to get renewable fuels like ethanol into distribution in Canada. The poll, conducted by The Strategic Counsel and commissioned by the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, was based on a national proportionate sample of 1000 adult Canadians 18 years or older who were interviewed by telephone November 3-7, 2005.

“Canadians want alternative fuels,” said Chris Kelly, President of The Strategic Counsel. “They support the use of such fuels as additives, even if such use has no impact on price at the pump. They want the federal government to act and indicate that appropriate action will lead to improved assessments of the government.” Other findings include: — More than eight-in-ten (83 percent) agree “the federal government should be doing everything it can to ensure that renewable fuels like ethanol are made available to consumers.” — Almost the same majority (79 percent) of Canadians agree “greater availability of renewable fuels like ethanol should be a priority of the federal government to assist in addressing environmental issues around the burning of fossil fuels, including gasoline.” — In line with the high levels of interest in and demand for wider availability of renewable fuels like ethanol, the substantial majority of the population (81 percent) indicates support for federal legislation that would require all gasoline sold in Canada to contain renewable fuel. Importantly, Canadians report that their impressions of the federal government would be more positive if it developed and passed legislation that required all gasoline sold in Canada to contain renewable fuel. Established in 1995, The Strategic Counsel provides research and strategic communications and analysis services to clients from Internet start-ups to broad-based Canadian and international corporate clients and governments.
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