Poet Opens Second Ethanol Plant in Ohio

Poet held a grand opening at its second ethanol production facility in Ohio, making Poet the largest producer of ethanol in the state. Poet Biorefining – Fostoria will process 22 million bushels of corn from the area to produce 65 million gallons of ethanol and 178,000 tons of Dakota Gold Enhanced Nutrition Distillers Products per year. The US $130 million facility employs 38 people with an annual payroll above US $2 million.

“Although we continue to import far more oil than we should, we are making progress,” said Jeff Broin, CEO of Poet. “Today, the U.S. ethanol industry is already cutting into foreign oil imports. The ethanol produced in this facility will displace over 65 million gallons of fossil fuels annually.”

Poet Biorefining – Fostoria is the second Poet ethanol production facility in Ohio with one more under construction near Marion. Poet Biorefining – Marion will hold their grand opening ceremony on October 24. Poet also has a pilot scale cellulosic ethanol plant under construction in Scotland, South Dakota that will begin producing ethanol from corn cobs before the end of the year.

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